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Remove cache filter from CherryPy

Anonymous created an issue

As per message, I feel like the cache filter has not its place within CherryPy's core at all. It is confusing and if we settle on the fact Cache cannot be genericly done through different applications then we have to accept the cache filter has no real added value.

We should simply provide it as a third party module as an example.

Reported by lawouach

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe, but we could also limit caching to GET requests and allow others to create their own app-specific cache classes if they want something extra.

  2. Anonymous

    Also I wanted to point out that if this filter is removed, it makes caching a more complex problem for Windows users running IIS. *nix users can easiy use Squid, but there's no offical Windows port.

    Let's consider making caching limited to GET requests rather than take the large step of completely removing it from the core.

  3. Robert Brewer

    2.x backport provided in [1494]. While doing that, I re-read the spec and noticed that the test was wrong: POST, PUT, and DELETE should not simply be ignored, they should actively invalidate (delete) the cached resource. Fixed that in [1494] as well, and then in trunk in [1495].

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