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2.2.1: xmlrpc filter should not return 404 when a method is not found

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The xmlrpc filter returns 404 when a method is not found. This is incorrect. The return code should be 200 and a fault should be returned.

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  1. Robert Brewer

    Do you have any references to implementations or discussion which returns 200? The spec says, "Unless there's a lower-level error, always return 200 OK." My interpretation of that is that HTTP is the "lower level", and a 404 is appropriate.

    cafeconcleche agrees:

    Python's xmlrpclib has ProtocolError objects separate from Faults to handle this:

    and Zope has a ticket proposing the exact opposite of what you propose:

  2. Christian Wyglendowski

    This has come up before - I think Sylvain and I had this discussion a while back on IRC. My thoughts were along the lines of jfunk's.

    Since an XML-RPC request is an HTTP POST to a resource, with the ''requested method'' as part of the ''POST body'', I think that jfunk is right that a 404 ''should not'' be returned.

    Take the following CP 2.2.1 example:

    import cherrypy
    class RPC2(object):
        def double(self, string):
            return string * 2 = True
    cherrypy.tree.mount(RPC2(), '/rpc2')

    Any XML-RPC client would not POST the request to /rpc2/double or /rpc2/triple, but simply to /rpc2. Once the HTTP POST is passed to /rpc2, it is all XML-RPC's game from there on out. It grabs the method from the POST body and tries to find and execute it. Thus, if I request the nonexistant method 'triple', I believe CP should return a 200 and raise an XML-RPC fault, as the HTTP entity that received the POST (/rpc2) exists, but the XML-RPC method does not.

    Now, if my XML-RPC client calls the method 'double' from resource /foo, then a 404 is appropriate, as that resource does not exist.

    If you are looking for a reference, check out the stdlib !SimpleXMLRPCServer. It returns a 200 and raises a fault for method not found.

    That's my story ;-)

  3. Robert Brewer

    I think your take is fine: if the resource (given in the URL) is not found, raise 404, but if the rpcmethod given in the request body is not found, raise a Fault and return 200.

    This should be easy to do for CP 3: in the XMLRPCController, change the subhandler lookups to raise a Fault instead of 404.

    Getting that to work in CP 2.2 will require changing CP 2.2 too much, I think. I personally don't mind if it isn't fixed there.

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