if client sends ID that does not exist no on_*_session is called

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

- If a session is expired but not yet deleted from the storage the server calls on_renew_session and creats an empty session. - If the server purged a session from the storage and now a browser opens the page with the session ID the server creates an empty session with this ID and calls neither on_renew_session nor on_create_session but actually creates a session.

I dont know any reason why it shouldn't also call on_renew_session. Therefor just remove filters/sessionfilter.py:488 ;)

The speration renew / create is a bit strange in my opinion. Renew is just a synomym for "creating session with client choosen ID", isn't it?

This applays at leat to the 2.x branch, so i addign it to the 2.2.2 milestone :p

Reported by dino phidev org

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