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_cpwsgi requestLine: PATH_INFO SCRIPT_NAME

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When running the wsgiApp out of twisted.wsgi, twisted will set PATH_INFO and SCRIPT_NAME with leading '/'

This causes an infinite redirect loop when accessing "http://localhost"

This also causes the root directory to be placed one level deep. So I can access my root resource only by using "http://localhost/bla/"

when I want to see it at "http://localhost"

This problem can be corrected by adding a line into the requestLine function

resource = resource.replace('//', '/')

I think this is a cherrypy problem because an empty string is equivalant to "/", and because the behavior of cherrypy seems too fragile.

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  1. Robert Brewer

    Yes, it is too fragile, because it's not following the spec which says:

    [script_name] MUST NOT end in a slash. If the script_name refers
    to the root of the URI, it MUST be an empty string (not "/").

    I've modified trunk to correctly require/coerce this where needed (see [1671]). This should be backported to 3.0.x, but needs some discussion before backporting to 2.x.

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