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If you know the WSGI utilities [ Colubrid] and [ Werkzeug] you already know the wonderful debugging system they're providing.

It's simple and very powerful.

It's possible to use them with a CherryPy application. But I think it would be very nice if CherryPy provides something like that in the core or through a buildin tool.

For more informations see the [ Werkzeug Documentation] and the [ Werkzeug Debug System Sourcecode].

Regards, Christopher Grebs

Reported by EnTeQuAk <>

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  1. Anonymous

    Those are pure WSGI middlewares if I'm correct and I wonder if they could be wrapped easily in a CP tool. Though I find the idea very interesting, I'd like to see a contribution via the tools wiki first.

    I don't think this is should be targetted for 3.2 in any case, at least for now.

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