Issue #720 resolved

tricky base problem when mixing tools.proxy and tools.caching

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in face this may be a "base" problem, at {{{}}} {{{ def url(path="", qs="", script_name=None, base=None, relative=False): ... if base is None: base = request.base ... else: # No (we're being called outside a request). # We'll have to guess the base from server.* attributes. # This will produce very different results from the above # if you're using vhosts or tools.proxy. if base is None: base = server.base() }}} there is a problem already known if we use tools.proxy,

tools.proxy have a 'base' variable, the "request.base" will be rewritten by tools.proxy,

even the "base" variable doesn't set up,

this "base = server.base()" will result a different url between request/respond if we using tools.proxy,

then caching utility can't get cached content because it use "cherrypy.url"

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