Checker raises false alarm with application-level config namespace

guest avatarguest created an issue

Derived application class:

class MyApplication(cherrypy.Application):
    def __init__(self, script_name):
        """ Constructs the OrangeApplication object."""
        cherrypy.Application.__init__(self, None, script_name)
        self.namespaces['myapp'] = self._handle_app_cfg
    def _handle_app_cfg(self, k, v):
        print k
        print v

Now when I mount this application with 'myapp.mykey' configuration key the checker says:

The config entry 'myapp.mykey' is invalid, because the 'myapp' config namespace is unknown. section: [/]

This is obviously not true. After removing this test from checker everything is fine and my namespace handler *is* executed.

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