Issue #756 resolved

Deprecate server.quickstart

Robert Brewer
created an issue

{{{server.quickstart}}} isn't needed in 3.1. It should be removed to lessen confusion with {{{cherrypy.quickstart}}}.

{{{ [09:42] <teolicy> My code's merely: import cherrypy; cherrypy.config.update('configfile'), cherrypy.server.quickstart() [09:45] <fumanchu_> and your code should be: import cherrypy; cherrypy.quickstart(None, config='configfile') [09:48] <teolicy> OK, much better. ... [09:50] * fumanchu_ wonders aloud to the devs whether 3.1 should drop the server.quickstart method since it's confusing and no longer needed [09:56] <jtate> fumanchu_: drop it! [09:56] <dowski> well, maybe add a deprecation warning [09:56] * jtate has 0 vested interest in that method [09:56] <fumanchu_> heh [09:56] <dowski> i guess dropping it wouldn't be that bad [09:57] <dowski> it's not like calls to server.quickstart() will be all over someone's codebase [09:57] <fumanchu_> true [09:57] <dowski> unless they are very confused [09:57] <dowski> or very enlightened [09:58] <schmichael> as a relative new guy to cherrypy, i vote deprecation... especially since people are going to be finding examples using it all over the webs [09:58] <dowski> that's a good point [09:59] <schmichael> removing it outright in a minor version seems like you're asking for a lot more people popping into #cherrypy wondering where their favorite method has gone :) [10:01] <fumanchu_> so: deprecate [10:02] <dowski> fumanchu_: that's my vote [10:03] <fumanchu_> perhaps it ought to just "pass" then instead of starting the HTTP server? [10:03] <fumanchu_> (pass and warn) [10:04] <dowski> well, it might as well be removed in that case [10:04] <dowski> then you'd have a dead in the water CP app server, correct? [10:04] <dowski> until you change your code to call server.start() [10:05] <dowski> not that i am seriously opposed to that either [10:05] <fumanchu_> no, engine.start() should start the HTTP server now [10:05] <dowski> aaaah [10:05] * dowski needs to get with it [10:05] <fumanchu_> because cherrypy.server is a bus plugin [10:06] <dowski> well, then a warn and pass sounds good [10:07] <fumanchu_> currently, if you try to run 3.0 code (server.quickstart(); engine.start()) in 3.1, it'll try to start the HTTP server twice. The second try will just pass and log a "server already started" bus message [10:08] <fumanchu_> but if server.quickstart passed instead, then you wouldn't get that odd message anymore [10:09] <dowski> that sounds good }}}

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