Issue #884 resolved

per-app customization of request.dispatch has to be specified at a key of '/'

Anonymous created an issue

I'm not sure where the bug is, but I definitely tracked it to here - [source:trunk/cherrypy/]. Basic idea is that on line 674 trail == '/'. Which means the lookup into the app config won't work unless the request.dispatch was set in the path of [/].

See the soon to be attached script to demonstrate the issue. It has two options: failure and working. Run it with one or the other and browse to: * /things * /things/one * /things/two

Reported by lakin

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  1. Robert Brewer

    The proper fix is changing confa from '/things' to '/'; app config section names must be URI's relative to app.script_name. Maybe add some docs to reinforce that idea, and maybe a method in cpchecker that warns if config sections start with the script_name.

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