Issue #898 resolved

HTTPError should accept status code in same format as get_error_page

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The HTTPError exception class is useful for raising exceptions within cherrypy applications.

However, it is currently limited to integer status codes (as of 3.1.1), instead of the richer "CODE Reason-Phrase" format that get_error_page allows.

Because of this limitation, it is currently impossible (as far as I know) to customise the status line response cherrypy provides to clients when an HTTPError occurs (such as a 404).

Even if it is possible to customise it (by overriding an error handler or some such) it seems logical that HTTPError.init could do the same thing get_error_page does to obtain the code from status:

code, reason, message = _http.valid_status(status)

...that would make calls such as this:

raise cherrypy.HTTPError("404 My Reason Phrase", "User Message")


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