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Failed installing to alternate directory (distutils, pip)

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SUMMARY: Couldn't install CherryPy to alternate directory using PIP. It fails at 'intall_data'.

FIX: I comment line 110 in fix_data_files(data_files)

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM: Note: This was using Jython but guess it would be the same with CPython.

Alternate directory: /opt/nhery/lib/jython2.5.2/site-packages Default directory (don't have permissions): /opt/fddata/jython2.5.2/Lib/site-packages

I have a /opt/fddata/jython2.5.2/Lib/distutils/distutils.cfg that looks like: [install] install_lib = /opt/nhery/lib/jython2.5.2/site-packages

Works fine until install_data Output of 'pip install cherrypy':

...... byte-compiling /opt/nhery/lib/jython2.5.2/site-packages/cherrypy/tutorial/ to bonus-sqlobject$py.class

byte-compiling /opt/nhery/lib/jython2.5.2/site-packages/cherrypy/tutorial/ to tut02_expose_methods$py.class

running install_data

creating /opt/fddata/jython2.5.2/Lib/site-packages/cherrypy

error: could not create '/opt/fddata/jython2.5.2/Lib/site-packages/cherrypy': Permission denied

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