Issue #1158 wontfix

dicts in query strings are not evaluated

Anonymous created an issue

GET /foo?foo[1]=bar&foo[blah]=bar

@cherrypy.expose('foo') def index(**kw): print kw

expected output: {'foo': {u'1': u'bar', u'blah': u'bar'}} actual result: {'foo[1]': u'bar', 'foo[blah]': u'bar'}

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  1. Neo Mofoka

    I don't think that's standard behaviour for URL arguments. I think you'd have to write your own code inside the controller that would unpack the dictionaries for you manually. So...something like:

    def foo(*path, **args):
        for arg in args:
            locals()[arg] = args[arg]
        # Rest of controller code here can use dictionary in local scope
  2. Joel Rivera

    I don't see any support from the cherrypy community to this kind of qs parsing/argument handling, I think is a won't fix for now. As an alternative you could write your own Dispatcher to implement this specific feature and it will be great if you could share that later on pypi.

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