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Issue #1168 wontfix

http authentication with basic and digest

space one
created an issue

I want to support basic and digest (and other) authentication methods. atm it is not possible to use both with the builtin tools because the request is directly blocked if the authentication header is not digest/etc.

also i think it should be possible to have unauthenticated sections / section where login is optional.

Comments (2)

  1. Joseph Tate

    Why would you need to support both authentication methods? You might want to support Digest + OpenID, but then you'd just have a different login method, e.g., login_digest vs login_openid with a different authn tool enabled on each one.

    You can disable the authentication tool via configuration.

    All that said, writing your own custom authn and authz tools is a very common task.

  2. Joel Rivera

    I don't think that there is enough interest on to support both authentication methods simultaneously and as Joseph Tate mentioned it is pretty common to implement your own authentication mechanism and hopefully share it on pypi if is something which is not very specific to your application.

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