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max_request_header_size not used anywhere

Anshul Goyal
created an issue

I am trying to send a HTTP request with header size greater than 512KB to ensure that I will receive HTTP-413. As per my readings, cherrypy will return 413 when the received header size is greater than the value defined in max_request_header_size or when the request body size exceeds the value defined in max_request_body_size.

After reading the code and trying the following, I see that the default header size is set to 500Kb.

import cherrypy
print cherrypy.server.max_request_header_size

result: 512000

However, I didn't see anywhere in the code where this variable (max_request_header_size) is actually used. After browsing the code, I realize that it only verifies max_request_body_size against the 'content-length' header property.


It appears to be a bug in cherrypy. Can you please confirm?

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