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Difference in "keyword" vs "positional" argument encoding

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I've exposed the 'upper' method of a published class. The signature of upper is def upper(self, text="default text"): ...

I find that I can invoke upper with two different URLs: http://localhost:8000/upper?text=some+text or http://localhost:8000/upper/some+text

The former, which I guess is the common case, works as expected: the value of the string passed to the upper method is "some text".

But in the later case, when upper is called, the value of the string passed is "some+text"... i.e. the URL encoding has not been reversed.

Seems like both should be the same.

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  1. Anonymous

    This was due to an incomplete fix for #104. It is fixed now in the source:branches/ticket-151 which should soon be merged into the trunk.

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