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Issue #1 resolved

Allow CP2 application shutdown

Anonymous created an issue

We need to come up with a good way of cleanly shutting down a CP2 application. Right now, the only way to kill a CP2 app is to kill its process (Ctrl-C in Windows, kill in *nix, etc).

Reported by hmans

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  1. Anonymous

    In my past experiments in regards to this issue, I've mostly run across problems with the threads !BaseHTTPServer launches in CP2's threadpool mode.

  2. Anonymous

    but if all the threads were using some metaphore to see if they ought to quit at every page load for example, we only have to set that metaphore and request just as many pages as threads (or endlesly until the server finally stops).

    Setting the metaphore can be done using xmlrpc or like global lock, or using some special header in the http request wich is accepted only from a few definable domains/ips..

    Could this lead to a sollution?

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