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Firefox 1.0.7 causes socket error 113

Anonymous created an issue

I am new to CP, using 2.1.0 downloaded from Download link. Running the tutorials (e.g., tut07...) and clicking quickly on the 'refresh' button (e.g., to update the counter) causes a socket error in in the write() method. This occurs with Firefox 1.0.7 but does not occur with IE (V6). The error is (113, "Software caused connection abort"). I assume it's caused by Firefox being unsocial and closing the connection. Work around was to put the method in a try/except and ignore socker.error if args[0] is 113. The error also has occurred in other places in (usu. at a flush() call) but I do not have anything yet that duplicates this. Using python 2.4.1 running under cygwin (recently updated).

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  1. Robert Brewer

    Try adding '113' to the tuple in _cpwsgiserver, line 250 in 2.1.0 (in current trunk, line 220). If you say that fixes it, I'd be happy to commit it to HEAD.

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