Issue #481 resolved

CP could really use a buildbot

Robert Brewer
created an issue

I think we're at the point where enough of our bugs are now coming from random differences in platforms and deployment schemes. It would be really nice to catch those earlier with a buildbot (OK, it should probably be called a "testbot", but the technology is the same). I can run Windows and Linux slaves.

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  1. Anonymous

    From IRC converstion today:

    <elliot> hi all, this is elliot murphy, I'm trying to set up cherrypy unit testing for the pybots project
    <elliot> the call to row_input("hit enter") at the end of is causing the tests to hang on the buildslave, and then eventually timeout, be killed, and reported as a failure
    <elliot> anyone know if that code is really supposed to be there?
    <Lawouach> it is because the test was not designed to be automated like that
    <Lawouach> temporarily you could just comment that line
    <Lawouach> I will open a ticket for it
    <elliot> OK, thanks. Robert Brewer requested that CherryPy be tested as part of the pybots project, so those CherryPy will just report as broken until that line is gone
    <elliot> Everytime the python trunk is updated, the buildslave pulls the latest cherry py code and tests it against the latest python 2.6 code, so the fix will be picked up automatically
    <Lawouach> ok
    <Lawouach> thanks for that
    <Lawouach> one question
    <Lawouach> how are they run?
    <Lawouach> via the spawn of a process against the test module
    <elliot> just run as python
    <Lawouach> or by calling the run() function?
    <Lawouach> ah ok
    <Lawouach> I see
    <Lawouach> hmm
    <elliot> although I can do whatever is needed
    <Lawouach> well
    <elliot> I don't know cherrypy, I just looked in the readme
    <Lawouach> ok
    <Lawouach> well the test suite of cherrypy allows command line arguments to test in different configuration
    <Lawouach> such as by changing HTTP version
    <Lawouach> or server
    <elliot> I'm willing to run several different flavors of tests if that is a good thing
    <Lawouach> it would be yeah
    <Lawouach> just thinking the best way for you to set that up :D
    <Lawouach> if you try
    <Lawouach> python --help
    <Lawouach> you'll see the different options
    <Lawouach> tell you what
    <Lawouach> because I'm not sure what would be the best to be tested for CP
    <Lawouach> I will open a ticket with our little chat
    <Lawouach> and Robert will give us his feeling
    <Lawouach> sounds OK to you?
    <elliot> that sounds fine. I am on the pybots mailing list ( or
    <Lawouach> great
    <Lawouach> you don't mind if I paste your email to the ticket?
    <elliot> Fine with me
    <Lawouach> thanks
    <elliot> Thanks for the help!
  2. Robert Brewer reporter

    The "hit enter" line is there for Windows users, to keep a popup DOS box from closing itself at the end of the test, so it should probably continue to be the default. Perhaps the best thing would be to provide a command-line option to turn it off; we could do that in both the 2.2 branch and trunk.

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