Issue #498 resolved

Test suite assumes same process for client and server

Robert Brewer
created an issue

The test suite currently assumes that the client-side test methods are run in the same process as the server-side application code. This works fine for the builtin server, but should be changed so that the test suite can be run with mod_python and other servers and gateways (where another process must be started for the server side).

Comments (6)

  1. Robert Brewer reporter

    Fixed in [1017]. There are several tests which mod_python currently fails (but they were failing before this change and we just didn't have it documented ;)...

    • Range headers
    • Rare HTTP methods like TRACE and CONNECT
    • Max request size checks that _cpwsgiserver does
    • Custom status codes (like 431)
    • URI encoding issues (e.g. umlaut in URI)
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