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Allow reuse of listener socket on UNIX

Robert Brewer
created an issue

Thought up by Joseph Tate and discussed [ here] and [ here]:

UNIX allows the re-use of sockets via socket.fromfd(fd). _cpwsgiserver could pass the fd from one process to another via os.environ. UNIX users could then employ signal handlers like these:



def sigusr1(signum, frame): """Re-exec the process.""" cherrypy.server.stop() cherrypy.log("Re-executing %s %s" % (sys.executable, sys.argv)) os.execv(sys.executable, [sys.executable] + sys.argv)

def sigusr2(signum, frame): """Restart the HTTP server.""" cherrypy.server.restart()

signal.signal(signal.SIGUSR1, sigusr1) signal.signal(signal.SIGUSR2, sigusr2) }}}

See [1116] for an experimental implementation of the socket reuse. The signal handlers could either be stuck in /lib somewhere, or enabled by default on platforms where hasattr(signal, "SIGUSR1").

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  1. Anonymous

    Not a showstopper for CP3.0. Let's get it out of the roadmap for now.

    It will be interesting to have a solution in the next release however.

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