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Issue #63 resolved

CP2 Memory Bug in Windows XP

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I'm testing CP2 in Windows XP. I wrote the the test code like : ConfigFile='urlclientserver.conf'

{{{ import os import os.path import sys import time from cherrypy import cpg class WebIndex: def index(self): result=''' interface:http://xxx.xxx.xxx ''' return result index=cpg.expose(index) def start(): configFileName=os.path.join(os.path.dirname(file),ConfigFile) cpg.root = WebIndex() cpg.server.start(configFile = configFileName) if name=="main": start() }}}

And I test with apache tools -> ab use like : {{{ ab -n 100000 -c 10 }}}

and I found the memory of CP2 Test Code is 5500K at begin, and 180000K at end. the memory is increased . may be this is Bug?

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  1. anonymous reporter

    I know now. this is not bug:)

    this is session data. my old config is :

    socketPort = 80
    threadPool = 10

    and I deleted the session and change to :

    socketPort = 80
    threadPool = 10

    all is ok :)

    Please delete this ticket!!

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