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Issue #630 resolved

Implicit session locking before_request_body harms uploads

Robert Brewer
created an issue

From IRC today:

{{{ [14:06] *** now talking in #cherrypy [14:21] <noahz> I'm playing with cherrypy for the first time, and it seems like requests are blocking on the built-in server [14:22] <noahz> specifically, I'm trying to do some ajax calls on file-upload [14:23] <noahz> am I possibly doing something wrong, or is this a limitation of the server ? [14:32] <noahz> the json call should happen periodically, during the upload [14:32] <noahz> but it only happens right before and right after


[14:59] <noahz> hmm, I commented out all my settings on a whim and it seems to be doing better [15:00] <noahz> [global] [15:00] <noahz> server.socket_port = 8000 [15:00] <noahz> server.thread_pool = 10 [15:00] <noahz> tools.sessions.on = True [15:00] <noahz> is there anything wrong with that? [15:00] @fumanchu maybe the session is being locked throughout the upload [15:00] @fumanchu can you turn off the session tool just for the upload method? [15:01] @fumanchu (or use explicit locking) [15:02] @fumanchu tools.sessions.on = False -or- tools.sessions.locking = 'explicit' [15:02] <noahz> that's it! [15:04] <noahz> sessions on with locking = 'explicit' works well too [15:12] @fumanchu hm [15:13] @fumanchu maybe we should move implicit session locking from before_request_body to after }}}

I think moving sessions.init from {{{before_request_body}}} to {{{before_handler}}} (with a low priority so it runs early) would fix this nicely. The only question is whether other early tools need access to the session data.

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