Issue #648 resolved

Flash 8 upload socket timeout

Robert Brewer
created an issue

Flash 8's !FileReference.upload(url) uses a corner-case of the multipart-MIME spec; its last part doesn't end in a trailing "\r\n" as most do. This causes cgi's read_lines_to_outerboundary to get stuck in a loop until the socket times out. See user reports [ here] and [ here].

Although portions of [ RFC 2046] seem to imply that the last CRLF is mandatory, the BNF for multipart-body clearly shows that a trailing CRLF is optional:

{{{ multipart-body := [preamble CRLF] dash-boundary transport-padding CRLF body-part *encapsulation close-delimiter transport-padding [CRLF epilogue] }}}

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  1. Anonymous

    Section 3.7.2 of RFC 2616 says:

    ''Unlike in RFC 2046, the epilogue of any multipart message MUST be empty; HTTP applications MUST NOT transmit the epilogue (even if the original multipart contains an epilogue)''

    I'm not sure how to interpret it though in our case.

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