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Session create/delete callbacks are missing from 3.0

Anonymous created an issue

The session management callbacks on_create_session, on_renew_session, on_delete_session (as described in 1.4.6 of the CherryPy book) are not in tools.sessions for 3.0.

Reported by alex AT alexn id au

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  1. Robert Brewer

    I'd rather see this addressed by having different Session classes available, first on the tools wiki, and then, if one or two become pre-eminent, distribute those as alternatives with CP.

    Assuming one is using the current Session class as a base, you can place custom logic in the following methods:

    • on_create_session: inside __init__ (when is None)
    • on_renew_session: inside the load method
    • on_delete_session: inside the delete (or _delete) method
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