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CherryPyWSGIServer times out under Windows and Python 2.5

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The behavior of a socket's readline() method (in a threaded environment??), when running under Windows appears to have changed between Python 2.4.4 and Python 2.5 (and 2.5.1).

The initial readline() in parse_request() will wait for its timeout in a second or subsequent call from communicate()'s loop. No more connection requests are honored until after the timeout. The default timeout is 10 seconds, resulting in very slow serving of stylesheets and images! Setting the timeout to a small value (eg. 0.1 second) results in lost requests.

Python 2.4.4 under Windows is fine - the readline() timeouts still happen, but only after all connections have been accepted and processed. And Python 2.5.1 under OS/X is fine.

Am not sure as to the best way forward. To reproduce the behavior in a small test program? And/or to try non-blocking socket reads (using select())?? Or revert back to 2.4.4 ??


Dave B

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