Issue #86 resolved

Implement HTTP/1.1

Anonymous created an issue

Scott contributed a patch (it doesn't fully work yet)

Reported by rdelon

Comments (3)

  1. Sylvain Hellegouarch

    What to do with this one?

    Since we won't make the default HTTP server fully HTTP/1.1 compliant, and since people who will need HTTP/1.1 will be able to use WSGI adapter (or maybe FastCGI?), we should simply close this one as a "wontfix".

  2. Anonymous

    Let's close this one for now on.

    The built-in server will not have HTTP/1.1 full support, although some sections might be supported for specific needs.

    SSL support should be another ticket (documentation one?)

    If anyone feels we should not close it, feel free to explain :)

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