Issue #889 resolved

providing config entries to set default response headers

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It should be possible to set the default response headers. For example one should be able to set default content-type to json by setting content-type for response header for a cherrypy application.

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  1. Anonymous
    response.headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
    response.headers.Content-Type : "application/json"
    <fumanchu> what do you think of "response.headers.Content-Type" instead?
    <lakin> I like that as the config entry - would that allow you to set ANY 
    header as a default?
    * fumanchu wonders if response.headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'} 
    works right now
    <fumanchu> yes, any header
    <lakin> I think it would sorta work but the init would override it?
    <fumanchu> right, it would
    <lakin> I prefer something that allows setting of any header - the 
    former or the latter that you suggested is fine with me
    <fumanchu> but we could make it update instead of replace, I think
    <lakin> yeah
    <fumanchu> maybe both?
    <lakin> in the init we'd need to make a copy of the class-level headers
    <fumanchu> it'll have to be a "smart" config namespace anyway
    <lakin> sure, both would make it more discoverable
    <fumanchu> since headers is a HeaderMap, not just a dict
    <lakin> right
    <lakin> *grin*
     If you provide some hints about where to see examples of custom namespaces
     - or, even if you don't, I might find some time to work on the ticket 
    later this weekend
    <fumanchu> _engine_namespace_handler is at the bottom of _cpconfig
    <lakin> cool
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