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Make nodelay configurable to support Jython

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I still try to run (which includes CherryPy as local webserver) on Jython. I have a few problems but one seems to be that CherryPy uses socket.TCP_NODELAY by default which is not availalble in Jython and there is no way to disable it yet.

According to being able to set nodelay (currently fixed to True in line 463 (not sure if that is so in the trunk but about there) would at least improve Jython compatibility.

Any possibility to change that?

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  1. visteya

    The setting of `socket.TCP_NODELAY` has been a configurable attribute of the CherryPy webserver since March 2008, r1935. It defaults to True. If you set it to False before calling `start()`, the call to the `socket.setsockopt()` will not be performed.

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