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sessions cookie expires always in 2 hours

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I hawe following configuration,

tools.sessions.on = True tools.sessions.storage_type = "file" tools.sessions.storage_path = "/usr/local/sessions" tools.sessions.timeout = 1440

as I understand this should keep sesion for 10 days, but my session always expire in around 2 hours, and when I look at cooki in firefox 3.0.10 it cooki for session expire always in 2 hours? No matter what timeout I put in configguration.

after I refresh page expiration is again in 2 hours.

cherrypy.version '3.1.0'

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  1. guest reporter

    problem solved, I puted this in config file under [global] settings after moving it to [/] it works as expected. Only this is that storage path works nice under [global] only session timeout is not working

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