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Issue #935 resolved

Refactor wsgiserver to simplify the use of m2crypto (if one so chooses)

Anonymous created an issue

The bind method of CherryPyWSGIServer is very monolithic. In my case, I have to use m2crypto instead of pyopenssl, and that means I have to override the whole function. If the function was broken down into logical steps, it would be much easier to achieve that.

Attached is a proposal (which also moves the dual-stack activation before the SSL setup, see #871)

Reported by mihai.ibanescu@gmail.com

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  1. Robert Brewer

    Fixed in [2471] and following. The pyOpenSSL code has been moved to its own module; so has builtin ssl for Python 3 (and any backports). The separate modules are delegated to via a new `CherryPyWSGIServer.ssl_adapter` attribute, with `bind` and `wrap` methods. This should make it fairly simple to integrate M2Crypto. In fact, if a tested patch could be developed for M2Crypto, we'd very much like to distribute a module for it in the CherryPy distro.

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