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Replace PageHandler with request.args/kwargs

Robert Brewer
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In, the PageHandler class only really exists as a place to put values which will be passed to the handler as (*args, **kwargs). The LateParamPageHandler just delays this lookup so that request.params can be mutated before the handler call. That system was designed to allow various dispatch schemes to vary more widely in their implementation; for example, some dispatch schemes might choose to pass no arguments to their controllers, some might choose to obtain those args from other sources, etc.

Unfortunately, that system is too well-encapsulated, which introduces several problems:

  1. No static analysis of the graph of handler wrappers. If a "bare handler" is wrapped, that information is hidden within each wrapper. Multiple wrappers compounds the problem.
  2. No exposure of args/kwargs. Logic like the test_callable_spec feature must be built into each PageHandler scheme.
  3. Returning handler output which needs to be interpolated into a template must be implemented with decorators or a similar function-wrapping technique.

Analysis of execution in server systems is more difficult than others since servers are designed to not crash in the face of exceptions, and in general have no command-line interface. In general, we should discourage the wrapping of handler functions, instead preferring to place such logic in hooks. I don't have a good solution at the moment for solving the output problem, but we ''can'' tackle the input problem by dropping the PageHandler system in favor of two new attributes: request.args and request.kwargs. These would be passed to request.handler when it is called. Placing them in a well-known location solves problem (2), above, and helps reduce the number of wrappers in general, thereby mitigating (1).

If we did that, then test_callable_spec could be moved to a Tool which wraps request.handler, since both the args/kwargs would then be passed to the wrapper, and the handler would be directly inspectable, not hidden inside that which it wraps.

The downside: I can't think of a way to do this with a deprecation period. Anyone's custom PageHandler classes would have to be changed to use the new way. We could change request.handler to be a property which detected when it was set to an instance of PageHandler and replace it with the new way, so that might work for people who have custom Dispatchers but use the existing PageHandler classes.

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  1. Robert Brewer reporter

    By the way, this can be accomplished in trunk in a dozen lines of code or so. Moving the `test_callable_spec` function into a tool is then simple. So there's no technical reason not to do this. The only question in my mind is whether to introduce a somewhat incompatible change in !CherryPy 3.2 or save it for version 4.

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