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Issue #940 resolved

408 timeout fix for ticket 847 needs backport to cherrpy 3.1 branch

Anonymous created an issue

For those of us still on the latest cherrypy 3.1.x release, a backport of the 408 timeout fix seen in bug 847 would be highly beneficial.

As such, I've backported the fix from revision 2281 of the cherrypy-3.1.x branch and had it applied and tested on our cherrypy server systems where we were seeing the issue described in ticket 847.

The patch can be found here:


I'd appreciate it if someone could look over this and commit it to the 3.1.x branch.

If possible, a bugfix release based on the current contents of the 3.1.x branch would also be appreciated.

Without this fix, reverse proxy connections through apache with connection reuse enabled fail to work properly, which significantly degrades performance and prevents HTTP/1.1 pipelining, effectively.

Reported by swalker@opensolaris.org

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