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error on testErrorHandling, testHookErrors, testGzip

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i try cherrypy test suite before make package for my distro, but got 3 error:

FAIL: testErrorHandling (test_core.CoreRequestHandlingTest)

FAIL: testHookErrors (test_tools.ToolTests)

FAIL: testGzip (test_encoding.EncodingTests)

see for full error log

after i change this line (on :

self.assertRaises((ValueError, IncompleteRead), self.getPage, "/error/page_streamed")



print ('body=', self.body)

the output is like this

testErrorHandling (test_core.CoreRequestHandlingTest) ... ('body=', 'word up')

i'm using centos 5.3 (python2.4.3)

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  1. Anonymous

    I can confirm this problem on RHEL 5.4. Please see attached cherry_spec.tx for the RPM Spec file and install_log.txt for the failed tests.

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