[~] RESTful API tutorial updated.

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  1. Konstantin Molchanov

The improved version of the tutorial:

  • all methods explained
  • actual data manipulation added (with no DB usage, which is important)
  • basic cURL usage

Comments (5)

  1. Joseph Tate

    It looks like this is more simplified; for one, it uses a single GET handler, instead of separate ones for Indexing and object retrieval.

    I like the idea of having an entry level tutorial for REST, (I learn better from code examples than explanatory text) but it should match up with the programmer's guide example (two mount points, support POST, PUT, and DELETE as well as GET).

    Also, we probably want to talk about input/output processing, like with json_in and json_out.

  2. Konstantin Molchanov author

    @Jason R. Coombs The example in the programmer's guide is way too complex. It's not difficult, it's just too much at once for a beginner.

    @Joseph Tate I agree that this tutorial needs to be more informative regarding request parsing. I'll improve that.

    I also find it a good idea to write a linked mongoDB tutorial, since it is quite easy to start with.

  3. Konstantin Molchanov author

    P.S. I did not cover JSON handling, because I tried to stick with the bare minimum and keep the tutorial as easy to start with as possible.

    My principle was, if json_in or json_out are not required for it to work, then this information is unnecessary at this point.