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Tutorial 01 - Hello World

The most basic (working) CherryPy application possible.

# Import CherryPy global namespace
import cherrypy

class HelloWorld:
    """ Sample request handler class. """

    def index(self):
        # CherryPy will call this method for the root URI ("/") and send
        # its return value to the client. Because this is tutorial
        # lesson number 01, we'll just send something really simple.
        # How about...
        return "Hello world!"

    # Expose the index method through the web. CherryPy will never
    # publish methods that don't have the exposed attribute set to True. = True

# CherryPy always starts with cherrypy.root when trying to map request URIs
# to objects, so we need to mount a request handler object here. A request
# to '/' will be mapped to cherrypy.root.index().
cherrypy.root = HelloWorld()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Use the configuration file tutorial.conf.
    cherrypy.config.update(file = 'tutorial.conf')
    # Start the CherryPy server.