CherryPy / cherrypy / test /

"""Test module for the @-decorator syntax, which is version-specific"""

from cherrypy import expose, tools
from cherrypy._cpcompat import ntob

class ExposeExamples(object):
    def no_call(self):
        return "Mr E. R. Bradshaw"
    def call_empty(self):
        return "Mrs. B.J. Smegma"
    def nesbitt(self):
        return "Mr Nesbitt"
    @expose(["alias1", "alias2"])
    def andrews(self):
        return "Mr Ken Andrews"
    def watson(self):
        return "Mr. and Mrs. Watson"

class ToolExamples(object):
    @tools.response_headers(headers=[('Content-Type', 'application/data')])
    def blah(self):
        yield ntob("blah")
    # This is here to demonstrate that _cp_config = {...} overwrites
    # the _cp_config attribute added by the Tool decorator. You have
    # to write _cp_config[k] = v or _cp_config.update(...) instead.
    blah._cp_config[''] = True
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