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import zlib
import struct
import time
from basefilter import BaseFilter

class GzipFilter(BaseFilter):
    """Filter that gzips the response."""
    def beforeFinalize(self):
        # We have to dynamically import cherrypy because Python can't handle
        #   circular module imports :-(
        global cherrypy
        import cherrypy
        if not cherrypy.config.get('gzipFilter.on', False):
        if not cherrypy.response.body:
            # Response body is empty (might be a 304 for instance)
        ct = cherrypy.response.headerMap.get('Content-Type').split(';')[0]
        ae = cherrypy.request.headerMap.get('Accept-Encoding', '')
        if (ct in cherrypy.config.get('gzipFilter.mimeTypeList', ['text/html'])
            and ('gzip' in ae)):
            cherrypy.response.headerMap['Content-Encoding'] = 'gzip'
            # Return a generator that compresses the page
            level = cherrypy.config.get('gzipFilter.compresslevel', 9)
            cherrypy.response.body = self.zip_body(cherrypy.response.body, level)
    def write_gzip_header(self):
        """Adapted from the standard module code"""
        header = '\037\213'      # magic header
        header += '\010'         # compression method
        header += '\0'
        header += struct.pack("<L", long(time.time()))
        header += '\002'
        header += '\377'
        return header
    def write_gzip_trailer(self, crc, size):
        footer = struct.pack("<l", crc)
        footer += struct.pack("<L", size & 0xFFFFFFFFL)
        return footer
    def zip_body(self, body, compress_level):
        # Compress page
        yield self.write_gzip_header()
        crc = zlib.crc32("")
        size = 0
        zobj = zlib.compressobj(compress_level,
                                zlib.DEFLATED, -zlib.MAX_WBITS,
                                zlib.DEF_MEM_LEVEL, 0)
        for line in body:
            size += len(line)
            crc = zlib.crc32(line, crc)
            yield zobj.compress(line)
        yield zobj.flush()
        yield self.write_gzip_trailer(crc, size)