CherryPy / lib / filter /

The branch 'cherrypy' does not exist.
import time

    import cPickle as pickle
except ImportError:
    import pickle

from basefilter import BaseFilter

class LogDebugInfoFilter(BaseFilter):
    """Filter that adds debug information to the page"""
    def onStartResource(self):
        # We have to dynamically import cherrypy because Python can't handle
        #   circular module imports :-(
        global cherrypy
        import cherrypy
        cherrypy.request.startBuilTime = time.time()
    def beforeFinalize(self):
        if not cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.on', False):
        mimelist = cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.mimeTypeList', ['text/html'])
        ct = cherrypy.response.headerMap.get('Content-Type').split(';')[0]
        if ct in mimelist:
            body = ''.join([chunk for chunk in cherrypy.response.body])
            debuginfo = '\n'
            logAsComment = cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.logAsComment', False)
            if logAsComment:
                debuginfo += '<!-- '
                debuginfo += "<br/><br/>"
            logList = []
            if cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.logBuildTime', True):
                logList.append("Build time: %.03fs" % (
                    time.time() - cherrypy.request.startBuilTime))
            if cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.logPageSize', True):
                logList.append("Page size: %.02fKB" % (
            # this is not compatible with the session filter
            if (cherrypy.config.get('logDebugInfoFilter.logSessionSize', True)
                and cherrypy.config.get('session.storageType')):
                # Pickle session data to get its size
                    dumpStr = pickle.dumps(cherrypy.request.sessionMap, 1)
                    logList.append("Session data size: %.02fKB" %
                                   (len(dumpStr) / float(1024)))
                    logList.append("Session data size: Unable to pickle session")
            debuginfo += ', '.join(logList)
            if logAsComment:
                debuginfo += '-->'
            cherrypy.response.body = [body, debuginfo]
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