CherryPy / cherrypy / process /

The branch '769-unixwait' does not exist.
from unix_threading import NativeEvent
from cherrypy.process import wspbus

class UnixBus(wspbus.Bus):
    def __init__(self): = {}

    def _get_state_event(self, state):
        except KeyError:
            event = NativeEvent()
  [state] = event
            return event
    def _get_state(self):
        return self._state
    def _set_state(self, value):
        self._state = value
        event = self._get_state_event(value)
    state = property(_get_state, _set_state)
    def wait(self, state, interval=0.1):
        # Don't wait for an event that beat us to the punch ;)
        if self.state != state:
            event = self._get_state_event(state)
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