CherryPy / cherrypy / test /

from cherrypy.test import test

import cherrypy

def setup_server():
    class Root:
        def resource(self):
            return "Oh wah ta goo Siam." = True
        def fail(self, code):
            code = int(code)
            if 300 <= code <= 399:
                raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect([], code)
                raise cherrypy.HTTPError(code) = True
    conf = {'/': {'tools.etags.on': True,
                  'tools.etags.autotags': True}}
    cherrypy.tree.mount(Root(), config=conf)
    cherrypy.config.update({'environment': 'test_suite'})

from cherrypy.test import helper

class ETagTest(helper.CPWebCase):
    def testETags(self):
        self.assertStatus('200 OK')
        self.assertHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html')
        self.assertBody('Oh wah ta goo Siam.')
        etag = self.assertHeader('ETag')
        # Test If-Match (both valid and invalid)
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-Match', etag)])
        self.assertStatus("200 OK")
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-Match', "*")])
        self.assertStatus("200 OK")
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-Match', "*")], method="POST")
        self.assertStatus("200 OK")
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-Match', "a bogus tag")])
        self.assertStatus("412 Precondition Failed")
        # Test If-None-Match (both valid and invalid)
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-None-Match', etag)])
        self.getPage("/resource", method='POST', headers=[('If-None-Match', etag)])
        self.assertStatus("412 Precondition Failed")
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-None-Match', "*")])
        self.getPage("/resource", headers=[('If-None-Match', "a bogus tag")])
        self.assertStatus("200 OK")
        # Test raising errors in page handler
        self.getPage("/fail/412", headers=[('If-Match', etag)])
        self.getPage("/fail/304", headers=[('If-Match', etag)])
        self.getPage("/fail/412", headers=[('If-None-Match', "*")])
        self.getPage("/fail/304", headers=[('If-None-Match', "*")])

if __name__ == "__main__":
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