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<h2>London Meetup 2005-12-12</h2>

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<h3>Remi Delon</h3>
<h4><a href="http://www.cherrypy.org/" rel="external">http://www.cherrypy.org</a></h4>
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<div class="slide">
    <li>Pythonic, object-oriented web development framework</li>
    <li>Makes it trivial to expose objects to the web in a pythonic way</li>
    <li>Low level (no ORM, templating language, form handling, ...)</li>
    <li>Can be used directly for simple websites, or serves as a base for "full-stack frameworks" such as TurboGears, Subway</li>
    <li>Runs everywhere python runs</li>
    <li>Requires Python-2.3 or later</li>
    <li>BSD license</li>
    <li>Version 2.2 coming in a few weeks</li>

<div class="slide">
<h1>Brief history of CherryPy</h1>
    <li>Jun 2002: CherryPy-0.1 released: users wrote .cpy files made of python code + some extensions (ex: CherryClass), then compiled them into one .py file ... bad idea (too unpythonic) ... some interest, but quite limited</li>
    <li>Apr 2004: Last "CP1" release</li>
    <li>Sep 2004: First "CP2" release: pure python code, no more compilation step, templating system separated from the core ... much more interest from the community</li>
    <li>6 weeks ago: CherryPy-2.1 released ... huge step forward</li>
    <li>In a few weeks: CherryPy-2.2 release</li>

<div class="slide">
    <li>Exposing objects</li>
    <li>"debug/production" environment, autoreload</li>

<div class="slide">
    <li>Documentation: tutorial, FAQ, recipes, ...</li>
    <li>Mailing lists</li>
    <li>IRC channel: #cherrypy on OFTC</li>

<div class="slide">
<h1>Any questions ?</h1>