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Virtual Host Filter


For various reasons I need several domains to point to different parts of a
single website structure as well as to their own "homepage"   EG  ->  root  ->  root/mydom2/  ->  root/mydom3/  ->  under construction page

but also to have  etc to be valid pages in
their own right.

import cherrypy
from basefilter import BaseFilter

class VirtualHostFilter(BaseFilter):
    """Filter that changes the ObjectPath based on the Host.
    Useful when running multiple sites within one CP server.
    def before_request_body(self):
        if not cherrypy.config.get('virtual_host_filter.on', False):
        domain = cherrypy.request.headers.get('Host', '')
        if cherrypy.config.get("virtual_host_filter.use_x_forwarded_host", True):
            domain = cherrypy.request.headers.get("X-Forwarded-Host", domain)
        prefix = cherrypy.config.get("virtual_host_filter." + domain, "")
        if prefix:
            cherrypy.request.object_path = prefix + "/" + cherrypy.request.object_path