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CherryPy Team

Project leader: Remi Delon

Remi invented CherryPy, created the first versions, and shepherded the process through version 2. He is now the head of [ WebFaction] (formerly known as, which he started in February of 2003.

Lead developer: Robert Brewer

I did most of the work on CherryPy 3.0.

For !CherryPy 2.1, I...

  • wrote the WSGI application interface
  • moved CP2 to "iterators all the way down"
  • added a [wiki:Profiler21 profiler] and continue to do speed tests
  • rewrote the test suite to avoid code generation
  • got rid of "cpg"; if you like it, it was Remi's idea...if you hate it, blame me. ;)

You can find me on #cherrypy under the nickname "fumanchu".

[ My blog]

Active contributors

Sylvain Hellegouarch

[wiki:SylvainHellegouarch Sylvain Hellegouarch]

Christian Wyglendowski

For CherryPy, I suppose you could call me the "release manager". I have also fixed some bugs, written some tests and contributed some WSGI related stuff to the project. You can spot me on #cherrypy as '''dowski'''.

If you are bored, you can [ read my full blog] or just my [ CherryPy related posts].

I am the primary author of the [ Buffet templating filter] for CherryPy 2.2.

Here are some of my other [ CP related projects] (that site itself is a !CherryPy 2.2 app).

Lakin Wecker

[ My Website] [ My Blog]

I fix bugs, write docs, and generally make a nuisance of myself. On irc, I go by the nick 'lakin'. (Big surprise there).

Other things I've done:

  • Significant portion of the python3 port.
  • RESTful handling of incorrect handler params.
  • _cp_dispatch - not released yet.


Carlos Ribeiro

Well, there's not much to say about me. I found CherryPy 1.0 and found it interesting, but soon after I found CherryPy 2, and loved it. I have a blog called [ Python Notes] that's usually up to date on my pythonic stuff. I also have a small blog in english, at, with some personal info; and another one in portuguese named [ Rascunhos Rotos], which roughly translates to something like 'rotten drafts', where I publish my rants and random thoughts that I found over the 'net.

These are some links to internal pages of this Wiki where I'm currently working on. I'll try to keep it updated as I finish these projects & start new ones.

  • [wiki:CarlosRibeiro/Sandbox My sandbox]
  • AuthenticationFramework
  • CherryPyTutorial

Remco Boerma


I'm located in the Netherlands.

When I met CherryPy 1, I wanted to use it. I've used different web platforms before and this seemed like the right choice. Soon after i got it, and spawned a product with it, there was talk about the new version... It didn't take long before I volunteered, helping where I can.


  • XmlRpcFilter
  • XyaptuFilter
  • FastFormward

and several smaller patches.

Well, that's it for today ;)

Peter Hunt

Author of various patches, tickets, CP's WSGI HTTP server, and [ Subway]

Elvelind Grandin

Michael Robinson

I live in southeastern Michigan. I am a broke student, and just transfered from a very expsensive university to an even more expensive university.

At the moment I am currently responsible for ticket:132 and any ensuing flamewar.

John P. Speno

CherryPy is the first open source project to give me write access to its repository. I'm happy to be on the team, however minor my contributions are so far. I'm '''speno''' on [wiki:CherryPyIrcChannel our IRC channel]. Stop by and say "Hello!" anytime.

You can find a little more about me on [ this page].

Stefano J. Attardi

Also known as Steadicat, or sja. Email me at attardi dot org.

23-year-old graphic design student with a degree in computer science. Weird, eh? I'm from Pisa, Italy and this year I'm studying in Köln, Germany.

I'm trying to do my best to improve CherryPy. I don't have commit access so I didn't write much code (yet) but I try to compensate through testing, debugging and design.

Some of the features I designed and implemented:

  • Positional parameters

This feature is now one of the main selling points for CherryPy, Subway, and TurboGears.

  • The ExposeAs decorator

A new @Expose decorator which was designed to solve [ticket:249 many problems]. My [wiki:ExposeAs implementation] was ignored and the current implementation solves none, and [ticket:426 creates new ones].

Hendrik Mans

My personal weblog is at I'm usually planning on putting some kind of non-personal, non-fun, all business-like site at, but I'm just way too lazy. So it usually just redirects to whatever weblog site I'm currently updating the most. ;-)

Jaroslaw Zabiello

I'm an experienced programmer and I am located in Poland. You can reach me via ICQ:6712522, or from my homepage Sometimes I am at #cherrypy as JZ or zbiru.

Sites with CP2

My recipes for CP2:

  • How to [wiki:StripWhiteChars strip extra white characters] from your pages with !CherryPy
  • How to use [wiki:Cheetah Cheetah Template] with caching from !CherryPy

My sites with Plone:

My PHP application:

Jos Yule

I've been looking for a simple and lightweight webapp framework for some time now, and am very happy to see the work that's gone into CherryPy 2.0. It seems like the perfect blend of OOP and framework to make developing webapps easy and fast. Most notably, i understood how it worked just from the couple of tutorials, which is more then i can say for some of the other frameworks.

My first major project is a photo classification tool. A bit flikr-ish, a bit Cumulus-like. Not a gallery, just a way to categorize ones digital photos via a network, allowing you to keep all your photos centralized, and access them remotely.

Kevin Dahlhausen

'''[ Kevin Dahlhausen]'''

I am working on a web application that assists rowing coaches in managing their teams. After seeing the new architecture of CherryPy2, I reimplemented the work I had started in WebWare using CherryPy2. It is stunning how fast one can make progress especially when AutoReload is enabled.

Looking for a good acronymn for CherryPy, SqlObject, and Cheetah Templates as an architecture.

Started CherrySmoothie third-party module.

Robert Szefler

Currently at Wydawnictwo Murator in Poland ( Tweaking cherrypy to work on a day-by-day basis ;)

You can reach me from time to time as rszefler at #cherrypy...

Joseph Tate

I work on a couple of CherryPy tools. I also ported the CherryPy test suite to use nose at PyCon 2010.

You can reach me either as DreadPirateBob, porkrynde, or occasionally jtate on #cherrypy.