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CherryPy / ReleaseProcess

How to make a CP release

This wiki is being converted to a release script as ./ in the source tree.

Test the source

  • Run the tests with `nosetests -s -v test`.
  • You should probably do ssl, too.
  • Test it on Windows, Linux, and Mac (solicit help from the friendly users on #cherrypy).
  • Our `` says we require Python 2.3. You should probably test on at least 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, and 3.2.

Document the source code

  • Change version # in,, wsgiserver/
  • Change development status in if necessary.
  • Change the download_url in to reflect the new version.
  • Checkin changes
  • Tag the source tree

Create distros

  • Run ./make-sdist (it is nice to have *.gz and .zip versions).
  • On Windows, run python sdist --format=zip and python bdist --format=wininst.

Publish distros

  • Upload it to
  • Have a few friendly souls on the IRC channel test the released files.
  • python register
  • Do a test of installing the distro with easy_install CherryPy.

Tell everybody

  • Change Wiki: Home page (news), CherryPyDownload.
  • Announce it on newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC /topic etc.