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Announcing 2.2.0beta release

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+<b>2006-01-27 CherryPy-2.2.0beta released</b><br/>
+Lots of improvements/bugfixes in this release. This release is backward-compatible. We've started to collect the changes on the <a href="/wiki/WhatsNewIn22">What's new in 2.2</a> page. Grab the release from the <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">download page</a><br />
+<br />
 <b>2006-01-10 CherryPy-2.1.1 released. Fixes serious security flaw in 2.1.0.</b><br/>
 We just fixed a serious security flaw in staticfilter. Basically, if you used staticfilter anyone could read any file on your system by requesting URLs with ".." in them. The fix is in SVN and we backported it to the 2.1.0 release. If you're running
 2.1.0 we recommend that you upgrade to 2.1.1 ASAP. Download links are on the <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">download page</a>.<br />
 <br />
 <b>2006-01-06 New CMS based on CherryPy: Skeletonz</b><br/>
 There is a new CMS based on CherryPy. It also uses Cheetah, SQLObject and some Ajax. Here is the <a href="">link</a>.
 Remi will also talk about <b>CherryObject</b>.<br />
 <br />
 So please feel free to come and let us know your views about CherryPy.
-<br><br />
-<b>2005-04-25 CherryPy-2.0.0-final released !</b><br>
-After several months of hard work the first stable release of CherryPy2 is finally
-available. Downloads are available <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">here</a> and
-the ChangeLog can be viewed <a href="/file/trunk/CHANGELOG.txt">here</a>.<br>
-The only backward incompatibilities with the last beta release are:<br>
-- "configDict" has been renamed "configMap" for consistency<br>
-- the object mapping algorithm has changed slightly: from now on, only "default" can ever be called with extra parameters from the path<br>
-<br />
-<b>2005-04-21 New asynchronous recipe</b><br>
-The heavily documented "Asynchronous handling of requests" <a href="/wiki/AsyncRecipe">recipe</a> shows the viewer how to do asynchronous calls using an <tt>@async</tt> style decorator. Futhermore, it also shows how to make transfer session data to the helper thread, and can be seen as an example of the <tt>cpg.server.onStopServerList</tt> method list.<br>
-<b>2005-04-14 A new web-application powered by CherryPy</b><br>
-<a href="">Orango</a> is a feed reader powered by CherryPy. The Python part is done by <a href="">one man</a> in less than 2 weeks. Orango is also powered by <a href="">ZODB</a> as the database and <a href="">Cheetah</a> as the template engine.
-<b>2005-04-09 Doing Ajax with CherryPy</b><br>
-Be sure to check out <a href="">CherrySmoothie</a> and <a href="">JsonRpcFilter</a>. For those of you who haven't heard about Ajax yet check out <a href="">Adaptivepath's essay</a>
-<b>2005-03-23 Another blogger speaks about CherryPy</b><br>
-Blog entries on CherryPy have started to show up all over the place <a href="">like here</a>. More links coming soon so stay tuned!
-<b>2005-03-21 Added a simple guestbook example</b><br>
-<a href="">SampleGuestbook</a> is a simple CherryPy guestbook
-<b>2005-03-18 New CherryPy article</b><br>
-A first look at CherryPy: <a href=",17205">,17205</a><br>
-<b>2005-03-16 CherryPy now in Gentoo Linux</b><br>
-Looks like the Gentoo people now have included CherryPy in their distro: <a href=""></a><br>
-<b>2005-03-16 A new great site Powered by CherryPy</b><br>
-Here is <a href="">Flosspick</a> by Alex Polite that allows web based searching of Debian packages, their dependencies and their reverse dependencies.<br>
 <a href="/wiki/CherryPyNewsArchive"><small>Older news</small></a>