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3.2 final announcement

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+==== 2011-02-25 CherryPy 3.2.0 released ====
+On behalf of the CherryPy team, I'm extremely pleased to announce the release of CherryPy 3.2.0 final! This long-awaited release brings support for Python 3, extensible request entity handling, improved deployment, dynamic dispatch, new JSON support and other new tools, and many other features and fixes. See wiki:WhatsNewIn32 for more details, and read wiki:UpgradeTo32 if you're already using CherryPy.
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 ==== 2010-08-23 Running CherryPy on Android ====
 See how you can run CherryPy [ on the Android platform] to serve your web application from your mobile phone.
 == Versions ==
 ||Branch||Status||What's New         ||Upgrading          ||Browse Source||
-||3.2   ||rc1   ||[wiki:WhatsNewIn32]||[wiki:UpgradeTo32] ||source:trunk source:branches/python3||
+||3.2   ||3.2.0 ||[wiki:WhatsNewIn32]||[wiki:UpgradeTo32] ||source:branches/cherrypy-3.2.x||
 ||3.1   ||3.1.2 ||[wiki:WhatsNewIn31]||[wiki:UpgradeTo31] ||source:branches/cherrypy-3.1.x||
 ||3.0   ||3.0.4 ||[wiki:WhatsNewIn30]||[wiki:UpgradeTo30] ||source:branches/cherrypy-3.0.x||
 ||2.2   ||2.2.1 ||[wiki:WhatsNewIn22]||[wiki:UpgradeTo22] ||source:branches/cherrypy-2.x||