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 The wsgiserver module is now more extendable in a couple of ways. Most visibly, the thread pool is now a delegate, so you can replace the builtin one if you need fancy thread pooling (or none at all). The ability to dispatch to multiple apps has also been moved out into its own piece of middleware (WSGIPathInfoDispatcher), which is replaceable. It's also not loaded if you're only deploying one app, so you don't pay the performance penalty of multiple apps.
+== 4xx and 5xx handlers ==
+HTTP responses between 400 and 599 can now be generated by custom functions you provide. See help(cherrypy.request.[wiki:ErrorsAndExceptions#AnticipatedHTTPresponses error_page]) for more information.
 == !LogManager ==
 There's a new reopen_files method on the !LogManager object. This helps graceful restarts.