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Announcing 2.2.0 release

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+<b>2006-04-03 CherryPy-2.2.0 released</b><br/>
+Six months of hard work after the last stable release, CherryPy-2.2.0 is available.
+Grab the release from the <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">download page</a>. Make sure you read the <a href="/wiki/UpgradeTo2.2">upgrade to 2.2</a> page to see what's new in this release. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this release.
+<br />
 <b>2006-03-29 New logo and visuals!</b><br/>
 Thanks to "ikshefem" we now have a new CherryPy logo and some new visuals.<br />
 Now go put this nice <a href="">made with CherryPy</a> badge on your site :)
 <br />
 <b>2006-03-14 New documentation available !</b><br/>
 At last a new/uptodate documentation system is available for CherryPy. It uses a blog-like app with tagging of the articles. It's also open to everyone and everybody can contribute articles or comment on existing ones. Check it out at <a href=""></a><br />