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 After several months of work the first stable release of CherryPy2 has finally
 been released. Downloads are available <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">here</a> and
 the ChangeLog can be viewed <a href="/file/trunk/CHANGELOG.txt">here</a>.<br>
-The only backward incompatibility with the last beta release is that "configDict"
-has been renamed "configMap" for consistency.<br>
+The only backward incompatibilities with the last beta release are:<br>
+- "configDict" has been renamed "configMap" for consistency<br>
+- the object mapping algorithm has changed slightly: from now on, only "default" can ever be called with extra parameters from the path<br>
 <b>2005-04-21 New asynchronous recipe</b><br>