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Added link to page "Get Involved"

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    * [wiki:CherryPyLicense License]
    * [wiki:CherryPyTeam Team]
    * [wiki:CherryPyUserTestimonials User testimonials]
+   * [wiki:CherryPyInvolved Get Involved]
  * Community
    * [wiki:CherryPyMailingLists Mailing lists]
    * [ Web forum]
    * [ cherrypy-devel] mailing list
    * [ Tickets]
    * [wiki:CherryPyUsefulTools Useful tools]
-   * [wiki:CherryPy2Wishlist Wishlist] 
+   * [wiki:CherryPy2Wishlist Wishlist]
  * Resources
    * [wiki:CherryPyHostingProviders CherryPy-friendly hosting providers]
    * [wiki:CherryPyThirdPartyModules Third-party modules]
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